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2019 September Featured Member: Dustin Gebben

“Hello, my name is Dustin Gebben. I was born here in Effingham and attended school at Teutopolis. From a young age I watched my dad, Pat Gebben, show passion for what he did every day and truly love what he did. Naturally, any young boy is going to want to ride with his dad everywhere he goes. I would ride to work on the weekends with him and do what I was capable of to help him get done what he needed to. After years passed and I was a sophomore in high school I needed a job. By this time dad had become part-owner of Merz Heating and Air Conditioning. That summer I went to work for him in what I thought was just going to be a summer job. It took just one more summer after that for me to realize this is what I wanted to do with my life.

After graduating, I went on to get an associates degree in HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) from John A. Logan College. With this degree, I was able to jump-start my career by getting into the local 268 sheet metal workers union. I landed number one in our local on the list to get into the apprenticeship, at which time Merz hired me on full time as an install/service technician. While going through my apprenticeship my dad had the opportunity to buy Merz and become the sole owner in 2016. This opportunity opened endless doors for me to see and learn how a successful and thriving business should be run. So, I'm lucky enough to not only learn every single day I come to work but I also get to please Effingham and surrounding towns and meet numerous wonderful people that make this community go round. I hope to, in the next several years, slowly take over the business and show Effingham my passion for what I do.

I joined YBNext to meet people that have a passion for what they do just like myself and also to share ideas with members who can give me the opportunity to grow in my career. That's what I hope to do as a member as well, be there to help others grow and accomplish goals in their chosen career. With that being said, I cant wait to see YBNext grow and accomplish many more milestones and see what the future has in store!"



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