Testimonials from YBNext Members

"I joined YBNext to better network with the leadership of tomorrow. I feel YBNext sets itself apart from other groups by the willingness of its members to share their cumulative experience and expertise. Collectively, there are no blind spots. Some are great at sales. Some are great at product development. Some are helping running global businesses. I'm very fortunate, to be part of this group."

Larry Tish


"I have found that sponsoring some of the younger members of my staff as YBNext members has been very useful. They represent our business effectively, by networking within the group and also build valuable skills that are brought back and put to use within our organization."

Kelly Stanfield, DC


"I'm so excited to be part of such a powerful group. YBNext has given me a great opportunity to network, build my business, connect with old friends, and most importantly to give back to the Effingham community."

Christy Hakman - Marketing & Development Director, Sacred Heart Parish


"Our area's unique vitality is based in large part to a widely-held, generational sense of responsibility to value and improve the Effingham community. As times change and economic, social, and family patterns evolve, some of the more traditional ties that bind our community have been minimized. A new challenge exists for greater inclusion for those new to the workforce, new entrepreneurs and new residents who want to actively engage and contribute to the area. YBNext can serve as an important bridge to a new generation who share the desire to continue and expand the business opportunity and networking, social outreach, charitable works and community leadership that helps make the Effingham area so special."

Rob - Mihlbachler Insurance Agency


"When my husband & I moved to Effingham over a year ago, I did not know many people. YBNext has given me the opportunity to meet many young business professionals, gain networking tools and make many lasting friendships."

Jill Schultz - Farmweld


"Through YBNext, I have gained valuable insight into the Effingham community and count membership as a value-added activity in my life & my family's future. Specifically, it has provided wisdom on career & life choices, networking opportunities, and a group to share positive values and vision for our community. Glad to be a part of it."

Matt Cekander


"When I heard about the Effingham YBNext organization, affiliated with the Effingham Chamber of Commerce I knew I wanted to be apart of it. YBNext has given me the opportunity to network with peers as well as meet with and learn from established area leaders. The events sponsored by this organization have been world class. Being involved with YBNext has definitely enhanced my leadership abilities both personally and professionally. This organization has truly been a success for our young business professionals as well as our community."

Jayme Schultheis - Heartland Dental